Our Mission

STEM Access for Girls helps to give underrepresented girls the opportunity to obtain STEM education. STEM Access for Girls brings a STEM-based academic and workforce curriculum to young woman between the ages of 9-20. The hands-on workshops help the girls to develop the spatial logic and critical skills necessary for a STEM career path. By doing this, we able to spark their interest in STEM careers and help them become innovative thinkers.

To engage the girls, we will use the active learning model, which incorporates collaborative work, inquiry-based learning, simulation, observation and practical application. This allows the individuals to engage in social and emotional learning. The participants collaborate and complete projects in groups. As a result, they become like-minded and have a better understanding of the impacts of their contributions. STEM Access for Girls also provides a unique experience. They become inventors and innovators during activities. Through a variety of holistic experiences, STEM Access for Girls will help girls acquire new skills, provide creative outlets to allow them to change their communities and compete in the global market.


"To make shifts in the culture of a country, we need to start with the children."

— Claudia Gourdet, Founder