Claudia Gourdet, Founder

I founded STEM Access for Girls in 2016 as my commitment to action for the Clinton Global Initiative University, which inspires social entrepreneurs to collaborate on innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. I stepped up to make a change because growing up in Haiti I was never exposed to STEM experience or learning. In Haiti, in the united states and all over the world, lacking access to quality education contributes to poor social and economic development. When I came to the US and was exposed to STEM, I never imagine I would work as a software engineer or develop a mobile application that’s transforming the live of foster care youth. For this reason, I took action to provide other young ladies with STEM experience, so they could accomplish the impossible, transform their communities and change the narrative we’ve been hearing for years. In the United States 74% of STEM workers are male. Only 26% are female. Can you imagine the statistic in underdeveloped countries?  Millions of job are being created in the field of STEM, we need to work together to give our girls, our future entrepreneurs and innovators the opportunity to fill those roles.